How-to Use PayPal Money Adder

Learn how-to generate Free PayPal Money, this simple guide will help you.

Only valid accounts

The tool only works on active and valid account of PayPal either Non-Verified or Verified account as long the account is active and have access to PayPal. We will never ask for your password or any other vital information about yourself or any other info, only the e-mail is a must so that we can send the money on the email provided by you.

Funding your account

Generating money on your account is never been so easy by using our PayPal Money Adder! With a push of a button the system will run your query on adding funds to your PayPal account with ease. Let the tool do his work and the money is generated! No risk involved! No Downloads! Safe and Secured!

Google reCaptcha

A lot of users are generating money using our tool and the website is overloaded with people, so we make simple security check and let our users complete it with ease to avoid BOT/HACKS/SECURITY BREACH to our site. Keeping the users and the website accessable only to real humans and closed to other entity.

Where the money came from?

Please do take not that the money we sent/send to you is not a counterfeit money or laundered money. The money came from our source of income over the internet like ads and any other means of online business. We always have too much in our pocket, we share it with people who are not financially stable, to give them the opportunity to have the funds and make a living of it, may be they will start a business or buy something they want, make them use the money on how and when they want! but remember we ONLY allow 3x/day and 6x/week generating the money from our tool.

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